ENX network is a joint solution from the European automotive industry for the secure exchange of critical development, purchasing, and production control data used by more than 1,000 companies in over 40 countries.


1. Registration
Registration of an ENX Network User.

2. Selection
After a successful registration you can choose a certified service provider for your ENX connection.

3. Exchange
Once the tunnel is set, you can communicate secure with your business partner.


Since 2000, the ENX network has served as a private Internet service for the automotive industry. ENX connections are used for collaboration by more than 1,000 companies in 40 countries. Seven ENX Association-certified telecommunication service providers currently offer connections to the ENX network. Main areas of use are the exchange of sensitive data, e.g. in vehicle development, as well as time-critical information in logistics and production. Other use cases are email, web portals and real-time applications such as video conferencing.

An ENX connection can replace a variety of proprietary solutions. Participants can connect to new partners within a very short period of time. Cooperation – e.g. during development – can be established that much faster. In addition to the automobile manufacturers and suppliers themselves, machine and plant builders, logistics service providers, advertising agencies and authorities also use ENX for communication in automotive application Scenarios.


Independent of the Internet:
A standardized security infrastructure is based on a highly available multi-provider Network.

Each connection is a desired relationship:
The data exchange is secured by hardware end-to-end encryption and authenticated by a centrally operated PKI. There are no anonymous connections. Each user only connects to companies with whom it actually works.

A maximum of three responsible parties:
A communication link between any two user companies runs through a maximum of three areas of responsibility, the networks of the two involved service providers, and the points of interconnection operated by ENX Association.

European anchoring:
The main network nodes are located in Germany and France, and the PKI is operated in Germany.


Competing telecommunication service providers offer connections to the network. These providers use central ENX Services. Each participating company independently selects its own telecommunication service provider from the group of certified providers. ENX Association is deliberately not involved in the selection process.


ENX maintains and updates the certification and operation criteria (“ENX CORE”) on behalf of the automotive users, certifies the service providers and verifies compliance with the requirements. It registers the user companies, serves as an escalation authority, but can also sanction individual users in violation of the usage conditions.