AVL Receives ENX Vehicle Cybersecurity Label

2023-12-12 by Clemens Bolmus VCS

Data security is one of the decisive parameters in vehicle development. The mobility technology company AVL Software and Functions, based in Germany, has now proven once again that it fully fulfils the IT security standards of the automotive industry. With the new ENX Vehicle Cybersecurity (VCS) audit, AVL is one of the first companies to receive the label following a successful audit.

Regensburg, Germany, December, 2023: With the TISAX standard, the governance organisation ENX Association has established a uniform audit standard for information security in the automotive industry. With VCS, ENX is now introducing a standardised audit programme in the area of vehicle cyber security. AVL Software and Functions has successfully completed the new checking programme. Georg Schwab, Managing Director of AVL, explains: "We recognized the need to become active in the area of cybersecurity for the automotive sector at an early stage. This milestone shows that early investment in innovative areas pays off."

f.l.t.r.: Suhas Konanur - Project Lead ENX VCS Audit, Clemens Bolmus - Communication, Lennart Oly - Executive Management, Immo Wehrenberg - Manager ACARS (all ENX), Georg Schwab - Managing Director AVL Software and Functions, Dirk Geyer - Head of Security and Architectures AVL Software and Functions, Christian Erichsen - TÜV SÜD Management, Thomas Dirscherl - Department Manager Security AVL

"At ENX international teams of experts from the automotive industry develop standards and tools for trustworthy collaboration." says Lennart Oly for the management of the ENX Association. "We would like to thank AVL for actively contributing experts to the standardization work as well for being one of the first to be audited according to this standard.

The award of the label confirms that AVL fulfils the highest requirements for secure data exchange with clients and development partners. This includes standards such as ISO/SAE 21434, ISO/PAS 5112 and UNECE Regulation 155. Dirk Geyer, Head of Security and Architectures at AVL Software and Functions, confirms: "Successfully passing the ENX VCS audit at the first attempt testifies to the high level of maturity of the processes and methods developed by our security team. Our customers and partners benefit from our stability and experience. The next challenge will be to upgrade our software development processes to ASPICE 4.0."

Obtaining the ENX VCS label in combination with TISAX® creates a solid basis for trustworthy co-operation between manufacturers and AVL. Christian Erichsen, TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH: "The aim of the VCS project is to establish standardized auditing in this area internationally so that car manufacturers can rely on uniform standards. The development of the VCS Audit Scheme is helping to further increase vehicle cyber security at a time when cyber attacks are constantly on the rise. We are pleased to contribute to greater security with our experience and the expertise of our auditors. With ENX VCS, we see a promising approach. Our auditors were impressed by the comprehensive and high-quality coverage of the topic."

The VCS working group will continue to monitor and develop the topic in order to establish pioneering standards in the future.

Immo Wehrenberg at ENX is responsible for all assurance programs such as TISAX and VCS: "An important milestone has been reached with the completion of the Vehicle Cyber Security project. The audit will also be available to other companies at the start of 2024."